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Restoring a Medical Clinic through Commercial Water Removal in Damascus

12/19/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO offers fast and thorough water removal services for your medical clinic.

SERVPRO’s Commercial Water Removal Process

Any building in Damascus can become damaged. The elements outside can create problems for building owners, while inside, electrical shorts can create small fires or water lines can break. The smoke from a fire can cause sprinkler systems to activate, causing substantial and widespread damage. A drinking fountain with a broken feed line can create localized damage. Both need prompt and professional remediation to prevent existing damages from escalating.

If your medical clinic in Damascus suffers from commercial water damage because of situations similar to the above, acting quickly can keep restoration and cleaning costs minimal. SERVPRO hires technicians dedicated to our customers and their needs. When a building suffers damage of any kind, business operations suffer, which can lead to many subsequent difficulties.

Our ability to respond Faster To Any Size Disaster helps our customers by reducing the number of secondary damages experienced and reducing the length of time that a business's operations remain stagnant. Local businesses of all kinds make up our local economy, and each one has a vital place in our community. We want to restore damaged businesses, so they continue providing the services needed in our area.

To clean up after a water emergency, the most straightforward part is removing the visible water with pumps and smaller extraction units. Our IICRC-certified employees, using smaller extraction tools, efficiently remove moisture saturating carpets in corners, hallways, under desks, and on stairways.

After this initial phase of our restoration work, SERVPRO continues by speeding up the evaporation rate of the water left in carpet padding and lower fibers, drywall, wood, and other parts of your building's structure. We do this via powerful air movers that not only lift moisture out and away from these materials, but also direct that moisture in a specific path, making it easy for us to collect it with our heavy-duty desiccant machines. While some of this work requires that we dry the interior areas of a wall, we also perform this with great care so that no newly made ventilation holes remain visible. While we work, things may seem messy, but we always take the time to clean up afterward.

We also implement dehumidifiers in certain areas. Because some materials hold onto moisture more than other materials can, we steadily apply gentle heat to help increase evaporation even more. Flooring tends to do this, but floor mats, with heat built-in, as well as an enclosed condensation tank that collects the moisture, helps us dry floors quickly. This can help prevent flooring boards from warping, which requires costly replacements. It is much less expensive to dry the floor instead.

SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion wants to help your clinic continue providing the much-needed services to our community. When your business needs commercial water removal, call us at (276) 258-5071, so we can work with you to make it “Like it never even happened.”

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How The SERVPRO ERP System Helps Bristol Restaurants With Water Damage Crises

10/16/2017 (Permalink)

The ERP system allows you to create a separate profile for each restaurant, allowing you to call for help to multiple locations at once.


The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile system is a web-based interface designed to hasten our response times to business calls and save companies more time and money in the restoration process. By uploading relevant documents and completing a profile in the system, you help us to understand your specific needs and circumstances beforehand, allowing us to reduce preparation time and better understand the situation. Some of our happiest clients are Bristol restaurant owners with water damage and other issues, as restaurants can benefit even more than other businesses from the system. Here is a brief overview of some of the benefits ERP integration can grant your company.

Multiple Location Management
When water damage hits multiple restaurant locations in Bristol and surrounding areas at once, it can be difficult for some owners to form an adequate response for each location. The ERP system allows you to create a separate profile for each restaurant under your jurisdiction, allowing you to call for help to multiple locations at once without any added hassle. This function has proved to be one of our most helpful in major storms and floods.

Insurance And Contact Management
Restaurants often have a relatively high number of connected suppliers, insurers, and other business partners that all must be contacted when serious damage strikes. The ERP system allows you to store and organize relevant contact lists and insurance information on a location-by-location basis, increasing communications efficacy for both you and SERVPRO.

Improved Responses
When our technicians respond to calls for help made through the ERP system, they arrive not only faster but also more prepared. Access to the web interface allows our employees to view critical information directly and without any input from your end, enabling them to identify critical areas faster and more easily. When you use the ERP system, you allow us to respond faster, more accurately, and with greater effectiveness than through a traditional phone calls.

SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion protects local homes and businesses from the effects of water damage through quality care, equipment, and personnel. For more information on the ERP system or to call for aid, contact us at (276) 258-5071.

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Water Removal Problems And Your Business In Bristol

9/20/2017 (Permalink)

Your business in Bristol can be struck by water damage at any time.

Water Removal Problems

Your business in Bristol can be struck by water damage at any time. These situations are urgent and delicate, as mold growth can grow within just 24 to 48 hours of the damage and cause serious health issues for you, your staff, and your customers. Plus, you are looking at damaged property, and possibly lawsuits and potential issues with your structure. Floodwaters for a business mean one important fact – your building is closed for business until the damage is remediated. Each hour spent cleaning is an hour of lost productivity and revenue. Therefore, when an emergency comes up in your business, it is important to give the professionals at SERVPRO a call right away.

Different reasons can cause water damage and the need for water removal in your Bristol business including general plumbing problems, a toilet that is overflowing or clogged, old pipes, or a leaking roof. Our experts at SERVPRO assess the issue by finding any pockets of excess moisture with special moisture meters and removing them accordingly. Our high-tech equipment used to find these pockets also includes thermal imaging which permits us to measure the moisture in them and behind tile or other materials which might not feel wet on the outside. We find these moisture pockets and dry the area professionally to make sure your property recovers fully. Drying can be sped up by our team to stop the growth of mold or other harmful bacteria by building drying chambers.

Is detrimental that the water removal and restoration process is given the right attention in a timely fashion. If it is left unrepaired, it just worsens and leads to additional problems.

At SERVPRO, we provide consideration and care when it comes to your concerns and needs of your business. We take steps to restore your property which includes securing the site and assessing the water damage, then beginning the water extraction procedures right away. We remove carpet pads if needed, and take steps to prevent the growth of mildew and mold. Our state of the art equipment includes industrial-strength dehumidifiers and blowers so we can dry carpeting walls, flooring, and ceilings. We use the help of other professionals to ensure any electronics are properly dried.

Once drying, cleanup, and disinfection are completed, we restore the areas necessary to bring your structure back to its usual condition.

SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion gets you back in business fast when your business is in Chilhowie, Bristol Va, or Abingdon. When any water removal disaster strikes, give us a call immediately at (276) 525-1910.

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Commercial Water Damage Hurts Products, Image, And Customer Relations In Bristol Clothing Stores

6/6/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial water damage can keep clients from returning to your store.

Water Damage Can Hurts Your Business

Becoming one of the go-to places for fashionable clothing requires more than the clothing labels themselves. Not only must the décor be perfect but the structure of your store's interior needs to be immaculate, also. Having water stained walls can truly sabotage your clientele's selfies, and that can become one of the worst word-of-mouth advertising snafus you ever experience.

Bristol teens are consistently gaining more control over where they shop and how they spend their money on clothing, accessories, and shoes commercial water damage can keep them from returning to your store, depleting your profits and increasing the amount of leftover inventory remaining at the end of the season. The thing is, with water damage, that damage often spreads, simply because water can take the form of moisture and migrate throughout your store, eventually invading the space where your inventory is kept. Our Water Restoration Technician (WRT) can provide more information on how water damages businesses and inventory, so you are prepared in the future.

Determining where the water has come from is crucial for us at SERVPRO. If the water stems from an ongoing source, even our best efforts at restoring your place of business are going to be short-lived. We must prevent any more water from entering and producing future damage. We use hygrometers to help us locate these locations. Common sources of errant water include leaking pipes, gutters that have become damaged over the years, and even water fountains that produce an incorrect stream of water.

Once we have determined the source and put a stop to it, we can then begin to repair your business, “Like it never even happened,” or better. In the case of inventory that has been damaged by exposure to water, we can clean these items at our location, and return them to you in still-saleable condition. The interior of your business needs restoration after water damage, including new walls, fresh paint, and cleaned-up trim. Before painting, walls at risk of mold growth receive treatment that prevents the growth of mold and other microbes.

Carpeting often retains nasty scents that can repel your customers, so treating that area of your store should be a high priority. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) is trained in this area, as well as controlling other sources of odors that are inherent with water damage. Cleaning a carpet is often not sufficient to destroy odors that your customers are going to find offensive, but we know the best options that result in the best outcomes. Our experience in this area can save you time, money, and your image, as well.

When you notice water damage in your clothing store, waiting only allows the inevitable to happen – additional damage that can ruin your investment, and much more. Do not hesitate to contact us, SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion, at any time, by calling (276) 258-5071. We are always prepared to help protect your business from this, and any other, type of disaster.

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Health Care Facilities with Commercial Water Damage Owe Their Damascus Patients a Healthy Environ

4/11/2017 (Permalink)

Damascus Health Care Facilities Ask SERVPRO's Help to Keep Water in It's Place

SERVPRO Provides a Return to Safety After A Water Damaging Event in Damascus

All facilities in the health care business need to maintain near-sterile environments in their patient-care settings, as well as clean waiting areas. Structural integrity is crucial toward reaching this goal but is often taken for granted until some disaster happens. When a building is damaged, it is nearly impossible to attain the levels of hygiene required to protect patient health.

Damascus has several excellent medical care professionals, and one type of disaster that can affect their ability to provide care is water damage. Water from any source can create problems, even if it is from a sanitary and clean source. Initial degrees of contamination of the intruding water, whether high or low, cannot predict the level of damage and danger to patient health a water disaster might create.
Damage from water continues to accelerate in scope until all water and moisture have been removed and the current damage is remediated. Even small amounts of water can become problematic if allowed to remain for inordinate lengths of time. Often, temporary contact with water is sufficient to damage walls and other interior structures permanently. The interior of a building is simply not designed to be wet.
Water that comes in contact with internal building structures might not show damaging effects immediately, either. Problems that arise from water damage can become clear days, weeks, or even months later. When water seeps into the interior of walls and under floors, it can cause swelling of fibers, bubbling of latex paints, peeling of wallpapers, and much more. SERVPRO has the experience needed to remedy these situations and return any sized facility to its former state or better.
Damage like this can create a hazardous environment for patients, but it should be remembered that medical staff are human, also, and are not immune to the hazards water damage can create in an enclosed building. Problems can range from trip and fall risks because of structural changes to contamination of patient samples by increased mold spore production to the disintegration of walls that pose possible choking hazards to small children.
To protect your staff and your patients in the event of an emergency that causes water damage, you should call the professionals at SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion at (276) 258-5071. We always put our IICRC-based training and extensive experience to work in bringing all facilities back to exceptionally high standards, leaving them “Like it never even happened.”