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Professional Help Dealing with Mold Damage in Your Bristol Area Home

11/25/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians have the training and equipment to stop the mold growth, repair the damage, and prevent future mold growth.

Mold Growth is a Common Issue in Most Bristol Homes

As you may already know, mold is a naturally occurring fungus, one that plays a significant role in our environmental process. Finding mold in your Bristol area home is far more common than many might think. It is something that homeowners face practically, daily.

We respond to many requests for mold damage mitigation throughout the Bristol area every month. There is no reason to be embarrassed by its presence, or attempt to clean the affected area yourself without the proper tools or equipment. You have IICRC certified technicians available around the clock to provide you with the services needed to regain control over your indoor living environment.

Whether you have a small patch of mold on your bathroom ceiling or an entire floor of your home affected by growth, SERVPRO technicians can help. We can help you stop the spread and get the problem under control fast while also providing you with any necessary repairs that help return your home to a quality pre-damage condition.

Not sure if mold is the actual problem? SERVPRO can inspect your home, rule mold out, and help you discover the true nature of the problem affecting your home. Our technicians are qualified to perform a variety of repairs, help you rebuild, or restore any section of your home, regardless of its condition. If mold proves to be the issue at hand, you already have qualified mold remediation specialists on site to address the situation appropriately.

At SERVPRO, our technicians cordon off the affected area, use negative airflow machines as well as plastic sheeting to prevent further infection. We then remove any saturated materials, disposing and transporting contaminated materials according to local, state, and federal guidelines. Using the proper detergents, our cleaning technicians use a variety of equipment to decontaminate the entire area. Making it ready for the installation of new materials and any additional repairs. 

Receive the professional, courteous services you deserve by calling SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion, today. We are available 24/7, 365, day or night. (276) 258-5071

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Does Home Insurance Cover Mold Damage in Damascus?

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Some mold can lurk behind your furniture and remain unseen until it grows to a large size. Contact SERVPRO should you see or smell mold in your home.

SERVPRO Technicians Effectively Tackle Mold Infestations in Your Home

Most homeowners in Damascus have heard about the dangers of fungal growth. There are many articles and guides online about mold growth, and many people know how to recognize the tell-tale musty smell and dark black or green patches. However, some of our readers might wonder whether their home insurance covers mold damage. The answer is “probably not,” but there are circumstances in which your policy could extend to fungus.
It is understandable that residents might worry about mold damage in Damascus. Fungal growth looks and smells unpleasant and can even damage the structure of your home, or eat into prized furniture or rugs. SERVPRO carries out remediation as quickly and efficiently as possible, but we understand that our customers would rather avoid the need for our services!
Many people wonder if their insurance broker pays for mold damage. In most cases, the answer is no. Most policies do not cover mold, fungi, or bacteria. In cases where home neglect causes the damage, such as lack of ventilation, high humidity, or constant untreated leaks, the answer will almost certainly be “no.” That is why we recommend keeping your home dry and well ventilated whenever you can.
However, there are some circumstances where insurance policies cover mold damage. When fungal growth is caused by a “covered peril,” i.e., an incident which is covered by your plan, you should be able to make a claim. For example, if a pipe break or an ice dam in your gutter causes water to pool under your roof, you might be able to claim your policy.
Regardless of whether or not your plan covers you, it is vital to call in SERVPRO’s mold remediation experts as soon as you spot signs of mold. Our IICRC-certified technicians have the equipment on hand to set up containment and vent contaminated air outside your home so the fungus cannot spread. We clean all visible signs of fungal growth, advise you on which items to keep and which to throw away, and set a drying goal to reduce moisture. We dry the affected area and help you put a plan in place to keep it dry and reduce the risk of regrowth.
For help with mold remediation in Saltville, Damascus, Meadowview and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion at (276) 258-5071 today.

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How to Tell Whether You Have Mildew or Mold Damage in Your Bristol Home

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

Spotting mold or smelling the musty smell gives you a clue that you may be facing an infestation. Contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians Determine the Cause of Mold Before Tackling the Remediation Process

SERVPRO understands that as a homeowner you want to keep your home in good condition, and that includes keeping it free from mold or mildew. Many blogs use the terms “mold” and “mildew” interchangeably. However, are they the same thing? Let’s take a look.
Mildew or mold damage in your Bristol home is usually quite easy to spot thanks to the discolored spots and unpleasant smell. Mold and mildew are both fungi which grow on surfaces or even in materials around your house. However, the fungi are not identical and may present quite differently.
Mildew is a surface fungi that is often white, gray or yellow, although it can darken to brown or green as the infestation increases. Mildew is commonly found on plants, but it can also grow in other areas, especially on organic materials such as paper or leather. Mildew is either downy or powdery, and you can identify it by its big flat patterns and powdery or fluffy appearance.
Mold is a fungus that grows in damp areas and, like all fungi, it feeds on organic food sources such as carpet, wallpaper, drywall, carpets or drapes. Mold usually appears in irregular patches and may be either slimy or fuzzy in appearance. Mold appears in a variety of colors including black, gray, white, green, yellow or brown.
It is important to deal with mold and mildew straight away as they look unpleasant and may cause nasty odors. However, of the two, the mold is the more dangerous. The mold may cause health effects, and it can also cause structural damage to your home. Because mold uses its growing surface as a food source, the surfaces on which it grows are subject to rotting. That is bad news for your home.
SERPVRO is on hand to deal with mold before it has the chance to cause further damage. Our IICRC-certified technicians establish containment to stop spores from spreading and then get to work cleaning up the mold with powerful HEPA vacuums, detergents, and good old fashioned scrubbing. We also dehumidify the area and dry out damp carpets, furniture or walls, to reduce the amount of moisture in the air and help prevent the fungus from coming back.
Do not give mold the chance to make your home unpleasant. Call SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion at (276) 258-5071 today for assistance.

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Mold Damage Can Harm Your Bristol Home And Your Belongings

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

Sometimes mold growth can become so severe that it leads to the total destruction of some of your belongings.

Mold Damage Can Harm Your Home

Mold damages different things within your home in a variety of ways. Sometimes mold growth can become so severe that it leads to the total destruction of some of your belongings. While mold grows on different surfaces, it also eats away at those very same surfaces.

In Bristol, it is not only your home's structure that can become a victim of mold damage but the things you use daily, including your clothing, can also become victims of this voracious microbe. When linens, upholstered furniture, carpeting, drapes, and other textiles are affected by mold growth, they can easily become so weak and fragile that they disintegrate when handled normally.

Other items, such as books and magazines, letters from older relatives, children's artwork, and other paper-based items are also prime targets of mold infestation. When fabrics shred or books are opened, and paper items are perused, much of the dust that is sent into the air contain spores that only need a bit of moisture to start new mold colonies elsewhere in your home.

At SERVPRO, we know that mold growth causes thousands of dollars worth of damage yearly and that only remediation of mold can keep mold growth, and damage, under control. Mold cannot be eliminated, but with the correct measures in place, mold can be controlled so that it does not create problems.

Humidity control in a home is one of the most important factors that we assist homeowners with during our efforts to control mold. Moisture building up in an area is one of the most important factors that permit mold to grow in any given part of a home. Moisture can come from countless sources, from a leaky washing machine to splash-over from a shower to a tiny crack in a pet's water bowl. House plants that are over-watered, crumpled refrigerator drip pans, and much more can also provide the moisture needed by growing mold colonies.

Cleaning these sources of excess moisture up, followed by the installation of a dehumidifier, can keep the humidity level in your home at normal levels. Not only is breathing more comfortable for your family when normal humidity levels are re-established, but one of mold's essential and basic needs are stripped away at the same time. A reduction of excess moisture alone can prevent future mold growth and with it, mold damage. We can provide remediation and help protect your home from future problems with the installation of a relatively maintenance-free dehumidifier.

When you have located, or suspect that your home might have, mold growth, call SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion at (276) 258-5071, day or night, to protect your home and your belongings from the damage that mold can so easily cause.

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Managing Mold Damage Efficiently in Bristol

3/27/2017 (Permalink)

Bristol Wall Suffers from Mold Growth--Call in the Pros--the SERVPROS

Logical Steps Mitigate Damage Caused by Mold

Much misinformation about mold and how to get rid of it exists. Because microbial infestations have the capability to destroy structures and cause unpleasant odors they are a serious problem for a homeowner. Mold remediation is a job for experts, and SERVPRO makes certain our staff is up to the task through training and on the job experience.
Understanding the need for professional abatement includes learning about the “life cycle” of mold damaging your Bristol home. Mold eradication is not possible in the ordinary sense of the word as spores are always present both inside and outside your dwelling. Our mold remediation technicians instead focus on eliminating the conditions where mold spores “wake up” and proliferate to limit mold outbreaks in your home. We also properly remove existing mold colonies and recommend options for reducing the chance of new growth in the future.
Moisture is the food that nourishes microbial infestations. It is not enough to use topical products to kill visible mold. In fact, some “home remedies” suggested getting rid of mold unwittingly provide acceleration to its growth. Household bleach, for example, may seem to remove mold. It is an unsatisfactory answer, however, as it may simply lighten the dark streaks that indicate mold, not completely destroy the growth. The bleach bought at the grocery or discount store also contains high amounts of water. When porous surfaces soak up the bleach solution, the water has the potential to encourage additional mold proliferation. Similar problems occur when other diluted chemical compounds try to deal with mold.
Mold damage frightens homeowners because of stories about its health hazards. SERVPRO recommends you discuss mold-based health concerns with your physician or other health care provider. Wooden structures weaken with broad and long term mold growth, and the unpleasant and musty odor moves throughout your home. Even without a clear health-based connection, you want the mold gone.
When SERVPRO staff design a plan to remediate mold issues in your home we approach it in a systematic way. We contain the outbreak, remove it carefully, disinfect with professional products, and then eliminate the water source causing the growth in the first place. Mold returns if the moisture issue is not solved. Staff follows EPA developed procedures to ensure the most efficacious treatment.
SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion offers homeowners in the community the most up to date mold remediation options. Call (276) 258-5071 for an inspection and plan for abatement if you suspect mold has taken hold in your dwelling.