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Flood Damage Can Come from any Direction in Abingdon

12/19/2017 (Permalink)

If a storm causes your home to flood, trust SERVPRO to properly dry out your home and mitigate the damage "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Offers Fast and Organized Remediation Services, Reducing the Damage to Your Home

Virginia is home to many streams running through the hilly topography. Between the North Fork Holston and Middle Fork Holston Rivers, numerous streams run off of these two rivers toward Abingdon. Overflowing water from these streams can quickly flood area homes.

When your home in Abingdon suffers from flood damage, you need to begin protective steps as quickly as possible. These small streams often deposit enormous amounts of silt in flooded homes. Property owners sometimes encounter other debris, which includes anything picked up by the water as it traveled across the landscape to your home.

Experienced in mitigating even the worst flooding incidents, SERVPRO professionals know that keeping all the necessary equipment ready and in excellent working condition reduces the time needed to prepare for each new job. We always empty tanks and other holding equipment upon completion of each job, ensuring their readiness for the next one. We wrap cords and tubing up neatly so we can put them to use fast when needed to mitigate your home's damage quickly. Small, minor aspects such as these can make a huge difference in how efficiently we conduct our work.

The difference between a slow start and a more rapid one can affect how much permanent damage your home sustains. Consistently drying your home and reducing the overall humidity inside also determines the range that water spreads within your home. Keeping this under control provides multiple benefits for flooded homes and their owners. Some flood damage causes losses, though, that require replacements.

Flooding that enters your kitchen and comes into contact with your canned and jarred food completely renders these items inedible and unsafe for your family. Microbes and pathogens come in many varieties, many of which avoid detection because they easily hide in nearly microscopic places on these packaged foods. Cross-contamination from one can to another through your can opener is also a possible hazard.

Microbial activity happens in places other than your kitchen and pantry. These potential threats causing health effects can occur any place that flooding affected. While your home may exhibit a distinct flood line, water that wicks up walls can carry pathogens to higher areas on walls. We ensure these areas become dry again and clean them, eliminating any microbial-related risks.

The professional and highly skilled technicians and specialists at SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion help local families recover from flood damage and other disasters that hurt their homes. Our 24-hour number, (276) 258-5071, is always answered by us, ensuring that you receive immediate attention.

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Marion Homeowners Receive Flood Damage Restoration Assistance

10/14/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's IICRC-certified technicians have the skills and knowledge to restore your home properly from flood damage.

Full Service Flood Damage Restoration Services

Excessive winds, rain, and even floods cause damage throughout the Marion area. It can help to have your entire home inspected by a professional to locate hidden dangers or catch potential problems before they have a chance to cause significant issues.

Flood damage occurring in your Marion home may not be as evident as you hope. Water under your floor, in your attic or basement, as well as hidden pockets of moisture could be causing additional damages without you even knowing that a problem exists. Protect yourselves by getting professional help, now.

Having a flood on your property takes more than merely mopping up excess water before you can go on about your business. Having an IICRC-certified flood damage specialist from SERVPRO inspect your home can save you from experiencing severe damage down the road. You want to have things addressed as soon as possible, the longer you take to move forward, the harder it is to save existing materials. 

If you give an experienced professional the opportunity to remove excess water hidden in your home, you can avoid corrosion, rot, and mold that often develops just hours later. SERVPRO uses dehumidifiers, hygrometers, air moving equipment and water extractors to get water found on your property under control. The entire drying process allows materials to return to normal levels, preventing secondary damages from developing due to exposure.

We are available 24/7, giving you access to expertly trained professionals, advanced equipment, and valuable resources that help you protect your investment. SERVPRO technicians use everything at their disposal to get things in your home back to normal after a flood, including the removal and transport of unsalvageable materials. We even reinstall, repair, or rebuild damaged contents, putting the finishing touches on items that make your house a home.

Call SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion for full-service flood damage restoration in your Damascus, Chilhowie, or Saltville area home, today. We are proud to serve these local communities and more, assisting our neighbors when they need it the most. (276) 258-5071.

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Flood Damage Cleanup Services In Bristol

8/25/2017 (Permalink)

When your house floods from storms, the water wreaks havoc on the house’s structure and your personal belongings.

Flood Damage Cleanup Services

Unexpected emergencies in your home in Bristol are not enjoyable but do happen. When your house floods from storms, the water wreaks havoc on the house’s structure, your personal belongings, and even the health of the environment inside your home. Flood waters can contain a lot of contaminants and much mud. With just an inch of water, high dollar items can be ruined all at once, such as wallboard, carpeting, furniture, and appliances. A storm which is more severe could damage systems which are even more expensive such as your air conditioner and ducts, roofing, well systems, utilities, private sewage, and the foundation.

Cleaning flood damage up in your Bristol home is a hard and long process, which is why getting professional help from remediation specialists, such as our SERVPRO technicians, is essential. It is a good idea for insurance purposes that you take photos of and list all the items and areas of your home that were damaged. We can even help speak with your insurance agent to ensure you get the coverage needed.

After arriving at your home and assessing damages, we also test the contents of your home to figure out which ones can be restored to their original condition. We use several methods to clean your items, including wet cleaning which is good for getting moderate to heavy residues out, spray and wipe which is useful for items which cannot withstand cleaning, and dry cleaning, safe for light residues or pre-cleaning.

We also can use an abrasive cleaning, which involves agitation of the surfaces, foam cleaning, which is used for upholstery fabrics which could shrink or bleed, and immersion cleaning, where contents are dipped into a cleaning product bath.

If your home needs extensive cleaning or restoration, SERVPRO professionals perform an efficient and organized move-out of the area affected. Doing so allows for a faster remodeling process, plus protects your items from potential damage.

Our services also assist you with the cleanup of electronics, where we use the assistance of a qualified electronics technician for cleaning and inspection. We also can help you with photograph and document drying.

When you trust SERVPRO of Abingdon/Bristol/Marion to help you clean up after flood damage, you are getting a thorough and professional service. Customers in the areas of Abingdon, Marion, and Bristol can reach us at any time by dialing (276) 258-5071.

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Planning Ahead - Getting A Jump On Flood Damage That May Occur In Your Bristol Area Home

5/15/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Provides a Mobile App for Flood Protection in Bristol

SERVPRO's Emergency READY Profile Can Mitigate Flooding Damage to Your Property

Natural waterways such as streams and rivers become overwhelmed during heavy rainstorms, putting your home at risk and potentially causing catastrophic damages. However, SERVPRO can assist you with taking the proper precautions necessary to limit exposure and prevent excessive damages on your property.  
You work every day, providing food and a home for your family, giving them everything you can to make things comfortable and help them succeed. When making preparations to protect your Bristol home from flood damage, it helps to have access to a company that thinks ahead, giving you the tools you need to recover from emergencies that may occur on your property.
SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan provides you with access to restoration experts 24-hours a day, helping you access our systems even if you no longer have access to your property. You can access this app online from any computer, or install the Mobile App/ERP on any phone, tablet, or laptop you have readily available.  
The Emergency Ready Plan is a tool that allows for the creation of an Emergency READY Profile, which can help produce a solid plan of action and give you piece of mind knowing what to expect from your mitigation company, to help minimize how water affects your home during a flood.  
Pre-planning leads to the timely response, extraction, and mitigation when you need it the most. Take the time to fill out your profile completely, providing critical information SERVPRO technicians need should an emergency occur on your property.
This profile establishes SERVPRO as your disaster mitigation and restoration provider, saving time, authorizing work and limiting damages you may suffer. We also provide you with a guide that helps you return to your property safely, after a flooding incident happens.
You help our technicians save valuable time locating shut-off valves, determining priority areas, and providing pertinent information about your property that we can use as a quick reference to get started right away. We help you by making our services available whenever you need us.  
Being ready for whatever happens, means that you have the solution safe at hand to protect you and your family during any emergency. Start today, SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion is waiting for your call. Find out what we can do to safely guard your home against floods and a variety of other emergency situations. (276) 2258-5071.

Are You Ready When Spring Rains Bring Flooding To Southern Virginia?

4/12/2017 (Permalink)

Quick action reduces the damage to your residence if water infiltrates, and SERVPRO is ready to assist when you call.

Spring Rains Bring Flooding

The many creeks and streams in our area quickly become overwhelmed and rise over their banks when rain is heavy. Your home is at risk of dangerous flooding if you are near a waterway or if moisture saturated soil seeps into your basement or lower levels. Quick action reduces the damage to your residence if water infiltrates, and SERVPRO is ready to assist when you call.

You installed a sump pump system to deal with water leaking into your home, but torrential rains strain its ability to prevent flood damage to your Bristol home. Even with the pump working on the lowest level, water permeates your walls, softening drywall and causing concern of permanent damage and possible mold growth. Our flood damage team arrives to assess the issues, augmenting your current system with moisture extractors, air movers, and heavy duty dehumidifiers.

Our crew members evaluate the possibility of salvaging wet drywall and any insulation behind it. SERVPRO technicians position equipment to move air in the area between the foundation wall and the drywall has a chance of removing enough moisture to allow us to recommend retention. Soaked insulation presents a different challenge, and we may suggest replacement after the framing and sheetrock dry. During the job, we reach out to your insurance company to determine which approach it prefers and covers. Our firm's reputation as a leader in the restoration business means insurance companies often suggest their customers partner with us during drying, cleanup, and repair of a flooding situation.

Rely on SERVPRO professionals to keep an eye out for microbial activity while we complete the restoration of your flooded home. If necessary, technicians follow mold remediation procedures to clean and sanitize your home. We educate homeowners about practical ways to keep further mold growth at bay after flooding and are available anytime to answer your concerns.

We give the professional support you need to restore your flood damaged walls, but we do not stop there. Flooding often leaves your home with a lingering smell. Using a combination of proven disinfection and deodorization strategies, we remove the odor, so you and your family enjoy your home from top to bottom again.

If your best-laid plans to manage flooding in your home need a boost from the professionals, SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion awaits your call. Reach our dispatchers at (276) 258-5071 for a speedy response.