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Proven Options To Combat Water Damage In Bristol

11/6/2017 (Permalink)

Moisture and Water Damage Homes in Bristol, Call SERVPRO for Removal and Cleanup

SERVPRO Mitigates Damage and Costs Caused by Water Intrusion

Most cities experience water damage, and Bristol is no exception. That means dealing with the water damage issues is a real concern. Despite that, many people do not treat these problems as emergencies and end up experiencing adverse effects that may lead to entensive renovations.
When in Bristol ensure you take every water damage scenario seriously. There are specific types of equipment which are used to remove moisture from your property is completely dry after water damage. One essential equipment is the dehumidifier, and you need a professional service provider like SERVPRO, to get full functionality from it. The dehumidifier in simple terms pulls water vapor straight from the air and lowers the humidity. While moisture is evaporating into the air, our dehumidifiers continuously remove it and therefore ensures your property is eventually dry.
There are three types of dehumidifies used during water damage; Desiccant, low grain, and refrigerant. Depending on the level of water and the desired efficiency, you can use one of these dehumidifiers. The commonly used, however, is the Refrigerant dehumidifier because it is efficient and can lower the relative humidity of your property to 40 GPP and reach RH levels of 45% or less. The low grain refrigerants usually work below 40 GPP, and finally, the desiccant reduces it to a specific humidity level. However, the desiccant dehumidifiers are a little bit risky to use because they can make your property too dry thereby damaging and split wooden furniture and building elements. To efficiently use the dehumidifiers and guarantee the safety of your property, you need professional services, and that is when you need a company like SERVPRO. Though we have all of the above dehumidifiers in our inventory of industry-leading equipment, specific physical conditions dictate their use.
In water damage situations, you may need carpet and pad repair or replacement services. There are lots of necessary tools required to carry out this function because your carpet and pad need careful handling to ensure they are not damaged. Some of the tools used include the knee kicker, glue sticks, latex adhesive, carpet shears, duckbill knife, seaming tape, stair roller, electric stapler, power stretcher and many others. You also need equipment like air movers and pressure washers. All these tools require expert professional handling and IICRC certified understanding.
SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion can help you combat all your water damage issues. Call us at (276) 258-5071 for quality professional services.

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Water Damage Repair Services In Bristol

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Unwarranted water can cause all sorts of problems for Bristol homeowners.

Water Damage Repair

While water is essential to human life, it can spell disaster for a home. Unwarranted water can cause all sorts of problems for Bristol homeowners. From leaky faucets to storm floods, water damage is a serious threat that can cause various health and safety issues. Whether the culprit is a home appliance or a burst pipe, you need to shut off the main water line and get in touch with a professional restoration company right away.

If you need quick and efficient water damage repair services in Bristol, SERVPRO can sort the problem in no time. We provide a thorough leak repair service for both major and minor water leaks. No job is too small or too big for us. Using IICRC guidelines, we can restore your property to preloss conditions safely and effectively, "Like it never even happened."

Erasing signs of water damage in your home is dependent on the severity of the situation. It may take a number of professionals to get things back in order. Worst-case scenario - your home may suffer mold and mildew damage, along with the structural damage. If those are the facts, we have to send our SERVPRO mold remediation experts to return your property to safety.

Other than that, our first priority is assessing the extent of the water damage and then providing the appropriate restoration services. If your drywall sustained any damage, SERVPRO can determine whether to repair or replace it with a new one and then paint it back to normal. We can do the same for loose or cracked flooring and other damaged areas.

Most water leaks originate from hidden pipework, which can be difficult to pinpoint. In this case, we use a number of techniques to accurately locate the source and select the most effective restoration action. We pump out any standing water and then remove damaged plaster from the walls to allow the brickwork to dry properly. We then use special drying equipment to ensure everything is dry, mold-free, and ready for re-occupation.

When water compromises the safety of your household, do not hesitate to reach out to us. As a locally-based restoration company, SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion is at your service and ready to respond to your emergency. We are also available to the neighboring towns on demand. Call us today at (276) 258-5071.

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Water Damage Deodorization Services in Bristol

8/4/2017 (Permalink)

Dealing with water damage quickly is effective in reducing lingering odors. Contact our team at SERVPRO for a fast reply and arrival to the job.

Technicians at SERVPRO Act Quickly to Minimize Persistent Odors

A few months ago, at 8:00 am on a Sunday morning, a catastrophic landslide moved a few thousand tons of earth in a small town, dislocating numerous people in the process. Some of the families had young children. The incidence surged rivers and caused an avalanche of floods, sending mud and debris across the city. The water affected power cables and damaged houses along the way.
Natural disasters like these are unavoidable and can cause severe damage to your property. If it happens, you need a capable restoration company like SERVPRO to deal with the water damage in your Bristol home. Fortunately, we are locally based and can respond to your water emergency in no time.
One of the most agitating hangovers of water damage is bad odors. Odor can occur from multiple sources such as mildew, moisture, sewage, and dead animals. Getting rid of the smell requires finding and eliminating the source.
To accomplish this, a vast amount of knowledge and technical equipment come into use. SERVPRO technicians are adept at solving odor problems in many deodorization situations. We use multiple methods to reverse the damage and clear the space of bad smells. Do not use DIY products or chemical solutions from subcontractors to mask the odors, as the smells are highly likely to return when the structure returns to its normal condition.
Using a combination of products and techniques is necessary to get rid of different odors that may have accumulated on a particular surface or material. We understand that the new odor may turn out to be as offensive as the old one. So in most cases, the choice of the deodorization product depends on you.
Our water damage specialists may inject small amounts of deodorant into spots on carpets or furnishings using a needle and syringe or an injection needle and pump. This method comes in handy in situations where lifting the carpet is impractical. If discoloration is not an issue, we may use direct spraying to pump disinfectants on the affected area.
Safety is essential when removing bad odors in water damage situations. Everyone should be evacuated to avoid contamination. Our specialists use personal safety equipment and eye protection gear during this process.
Water disasters can leave an awful scent in your house, even long after water damage restoration. SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion can respond quickly to your emergency with the necessary deodorization procedures. Call us anytime at (276) 258-5071.

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Your Flooded Bristol Basement Can Be Dry Again When You Call SERVPRO For Help

5/5/2017 (Permalink)

Sometimes during heavier rains, it is possible to experience basement flooding, even if your basement has not flooded badly before.

Flooded Basement

Sometimes during heavier rains, it is possible to experience basement flooding, even if your basement has not flooded badly before. It is understandably very upsetting to discover this disaster and find your personal items damaged or destroyed by water. However, when this happens to you, SERVPRO can help you dry your basement and your possessions out.

Before they get to your home in Bristol, it is important to remember that depending upon the source, water in your basement can contain viruses and bacteria, and could present an electric hazard as well. Plus, pumping out a basement that is severely flooded can lead to potential water damage to your foundation walls.

SERVPRO specializes in cleaning up flooded basements and is just a phone call away. While you wait for them, there are some things you can do. If a washer hose, pipe, water heater or another source of pressurized water has failed in your home, hundreds of gallons of water can be released each hour, quickly filling up your basement. The water can even rise as high as the windows in some cases.

In these cases, with a failure in your plumbing, the first thing to problem-solving is to turn off the plumbing that is causing the problem. Be careful to remain dry as you do this since the water could be a danger to step into as stated earlier. If you do not think you can turn the water off safely, wait for professional help to arrive.

After the cause of the leak is stopped, you need to take any valuable possessions you can out of the water as soon as it is possible. Again, take care when removing items, and if you are not comfortable doing so, SERVPRO gladly does this for you after they arrive. They can also help you to determine what items are salvageable and restore them for you as well.

While the drying out process is being performed, the basement could be humid for a few days, so any personal items like documents, fabrics, and photos are removed to protect them. They might look okay now, but mold could grow on them soon. You should also make sure to get pictures of all the damages for your insurance company.

SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion has years of experience in helping dry out basements in homes. If your basement floods, don’t delay in calling us at (276) 258-5071 so we can dry out your home and possessions as soon as possible and avoid further damages.

Water Damage Restoration Services Available In Bristol

3/19/2017 (Permalink)

From Forgotten Running Water in a Sink to a Flood in Bristol, Rely on SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration

SERVPRO Offers Full Restoration Post Water Damage

Having suffered water damage to your property, you need professional help to remove the water and dry everything out correctly. Taking on a job like this on your own without the proper knowledge and equipment could lead to further damages that only a trained professional can spot.

That is why it is in your best interest to call a team of water damage professionals in Bristol to get the job done right the first time around. Our services help give you peace of mind and completely restore your property in a safe and timely manner.
SERVPRO technicians have all undergone extensive training procedures to earn IICRC certification while proudly upholding industry safety standards delegated by OSHA and the EPA. We also stay up to date on the most recent advances in the water mitigation field that gives us the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality services possible. Our in-house video and corporate driven programs enhance job skills and ensure current best practices.
Since every home is equally susceptible to various types of water damage, you want to contact your insurance company before you have a problem to ensure that you have the correct coverage for common incidents in your area. Next, you want to contact SERVPRO to become familiar with our services and provide upfront information to prepare for emergencies before they happen. Ask us about our ERP-Emergency Ready Profile mobile app program to help in the prevention and mitigation of water and fire emergencies.
SERVPRO technicians arrive on your property within four hours of your initial call, ready to begin your water restoration services, helping return your home to a quality pre-damage condition. Anything from small basement flooding, to extensive disaster cleanup, we have the equipment and personnel to get the job done right.
The first thing we do after arriving involves performing a thorough assessment or walk through of the affected area. We check every crack and crevice to ensure that we do not miss anything, and once we finish your restoration, we can help set up a personalized disaster recovery plan to assist with preventing future events (hint: ERP.)
We thoroughly explain each of the services we offer and answer any questions you may have. When dealing with water on your property, time is crucial. As time passes, additional damages develop, water seeping into various construction materials can weaken the structure of a building and cause rot or mold to develop.
Contact SERVPRO of Abingdon / Bristol / Marion today for information concerning water damage restoration services available to help you protect your home and your family when an emergency strikes. (276) 258-5071.