Water Damage Photo Gallery

Marion Water Damaged Flooring

When standing water is not immediately removed from hardwood flooring in a Marion home, then cupping and damage can occur. Witness the results from this photo. If SERVPRO is called in quickly, we may be able to salvage the planks.

Abingdon Water Damaged Flooring

A leak resulted in damage to this hardwood flooring area of this home in Abingdon. Careful placement of dehumidifiers can salvage the wood and limit inconveniences and expenses to the homeowner. It is crucial that SERVPRO technicians check and ensure that the underlying floor joists are also dry.

Water Damage – Abingdon

Water damage in Abingdon is not always visible or even noticeable to the touch. However, building materials may have hidden moisture that cannot be seen. The infrared camera pictured can detect hidden pockets of saturation within building materials.